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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

Okay...so it's a little early to be celebrating but in light of the new year, I am sure I am not alone in the quest to find a new calendar. I actually have been thinking very heavily about creating my own, which I do actually plan to do. But considering how this last month has gone, I haven't had much time to do any fun creative anything, so they're going to be late-coming. However, I still wanna do them. I have been tossing around a few ideas. One is to create an 18 month calendar instead of just a regular 12 month calendar. That could possibly make up for my design-tardiness. Maybe....But I have also thought about a rather timeless calendar that would feature individual cards to flip for the days of the week, day of the month and month of the year. I think it's quite a lovely idea. I just need to quit procrastinating and make the time to get it done, however I end up doing it!

In the meantime, while I know everyone is just so anxious and on the edge to buy this anticipated calendar I plan to design, I thought I would share some of the calendars that I really enjoy and have been trying to decide on whether to buy or not and WHICH ONE!!!!

I did recently buy a very cool screenprinted calendar from Ink Lounge Gallery about a month ago, but I bought it for someone else and did not keep. I am actually wishing I would have grabbed an extra one for myself. I still might....

I found this really cool 2009 Thyme calendar from norawhynot on Etsy (above). I love the illustration style and the colors she chose to use. They also come with stories about the illustrations and thyme and it's a perfect size!

I also found this 5.5"W x 18.5"H calendar (above) from Suzy Jack*. I really like the size of this calendar because it isn't a traditional, typical size. The illustrations flow really well with the style and really make this calendar one of the most beautiful ones I have seen so far. The site is worth exploring, you'll find a lot of other fun accessories that simply thrill my creative soul!

I think that one of my favorites that I have seen has to be this adorable 6"x6" calendar (above) from Night Owl Paper Goods. I'd buy this one in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, they are all sold out! BooooooHoooooo!!!!! But I still wanted to share because these owls are just adorable and with all the little owl doodles that I have been doing lately, I have actually considered designing my own fun little owl calendar. And well, since I can't buy this one, I might have to do it...at least for myself! But do check out Night Owl's site because there are a lot of other really great things to see- they have some fabulous stationery.

I do plan to post again, maybe over this weekend when I might have a little more time (and when I might take a break from working on my own calendar! LOL) But until then, I hope that everyone has a safe and very Happy New Year! I look forward to the possibilities that 2009 may bring!

December Blues

I realize I haven't been so great in keeping up on posting on here in the last month but there really has been a lot going on. I wish I could say that it was good and happy stuff but unfortunately, it hasn't. In short, there was a death in the family and that along with the holidays have definitely consumed a good share of time and focus of my family.

And while we do feel our loss during the holidays, we can reflect on the good times we have had throughout the year and all that we have truly been blessed with. I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I hope that the new year brings nothing but good things to each and every one of you!