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Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Bedroom of Dreams...

It is by happy chance that I stumbled accidentally upon Shawn Lovell's site this morning and totally fell in love with her work. She works with metal creating functional pieces of art that are just absolutely gorgeous! So for the time wandering her site, looking at her portfolio, I escaped reality for a moment and imagined my bedroom at home being finished and furnished by some of her fine work. Taking a nap right now sounds absolutely blissful. After a late night working on a project, I definitely could use a few more hours of rest. But how sweet my dreams would be to sleep on that whimsical tree bed...I want it so badly.

Paired with the bed, I think that the bird chandelier would also look awesome.

And I know that it's a wine room door, but I was thinking how beautiful this would look if it could be designed as french doors that enter into my bedroom. It just completes the picture in my head.

Natural colors with jewel-colored accents...I'd be in heaven! If I am sleeping, please don't wake me. I'm loving this dream I am in.....

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