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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

Okay...so it's a little early to be celebrating but in light of the new year, I am sure I am not alone in the quest to find a new calendar. I actually have been thinking very heavily about creating my own, which I do actually plan to do. But considering how this last month has gone, I haven't had much time to do any fun creative anything, so they're going to be late-coming. However, I still wanna do them. I have been tossing around a few ideas. One is to create an 18 month calendar instead of just a regular 12 month calendar. That could possibly make up for my design-tardiness. Maybe....But I have also thought about a rather timeless calendar that would feature individual cards to flip for the days of the week, day of the month and month of the year. I think it's quite a lovely idea. I just need to quit procrastinating and make the time to get it done, however I end up doing it!

In the meantime, while I know everyone is just so anxious and on the edge to buy this anticipated calendar I plan to design, I thought I would share some of the calendars that I really enjoy and have been trying to decide on whether to buy or not and WHICH ONE!!!!

I did recently buy a very cool screenprinted calendar from Ink Lounge Gallery about a month ago, but I bought it for someone else and did not keep. I am actually wishing I would have grabbed an extra one for myself. I still might....

I found this really cool 2009 Thyme calendar from norawhynot on Etsy (above). I love the illustration style and the colors she chose to use. They also come with stories about the illustrations and thyme and it's a perfect size!

I also found this 5.5"W x 18.5"H calendar (above) from Suzy Jack*. I really like the size of this calendar because it isn't a traditional, typical size. The illustrations flow really well with the style and really make this calendar one of the most beautiful ones I have seen so far. The site is worth exploring, you'll find a lot of other fun accessories that simply thrill my creative soul!

I think that one of my favorites that I have seen has to be this adorable 6"x6" calendar (above) from Night Owl Paper Goods. I'd buy this one in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, they are all sold out! BooooooHoooooo!!!!! But I still wanted to share because these owls are just adorable and with all the little owl doodles that I have been doing lately, I have actually considered designing my own fun little owl calendar. And well, since I can't buy this one, I might have to do it...at least for myself! But do check out Night Owl's site because there are a lot of other really great things to see- they have some fabulous stationery.

I do plan to post again, maybe over this weekend when I might have a little more time (and when I might take a break from working on my own calendar! LOL) But until then, I hope that everyone has a safe and very Happy New Year! I look forward to the possibilities that 2009 may bring!

December Blues

I realize I haven't been so great in keeping up on posting on here in the last month but there really has been a lot going on. I wish I could say that it was good and happy stuff but unfortunately, it hasn't. In short, there was a death in the family and that along with the holidays have definitely consumed a good share of time and focus of my family.

And while we do feel our loss during the holidays, we can reflect on the good times we have had throughout the year and all that we have truly been blessed with. I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I hope that the new year brings nothing but good things to each and every one of you!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay....so I am heading to Denver this evening to spend Thanksgiving at my sister's with a good share of our family. I am definitely looking forward to it as I have been craving for a break from this two-star town! I am looking forward to spending time with my family, but especially my sister. She and I are actually going to head over to Belmar on Friday afternoon. I have a poster to pick up from Idaho Stew, possibly meeting up with a few people there and I think we might even do a little shopping in the area while we're there. I was checking out what sort of shopping and entertainment, etc. that Belmar had to offer and was pretty happy to see some really cool shops- if nothing else, I want to stop in and browse at least for aesthetic joy! One particular store that catches my eye is one called Composition. Let me tell you, I am liking what I see and my personal wish list has now grown. I like cool coffee mugs and the Pantone mugs are awesome! Color me happy there's a color just for me!

And they also sell CHOCOLATE made by Mast Brothers Chocolate. I am not the biggest chocolate fanatic out there. It's true, I like it but it's not something I HAVE to have. But I might just have to buy a few of those chocolate bars. Look at the packaging! They're gorgeous!

There are also a lot of really cool items that are rePurposed or made out of recycled materials. Gotta dig that!

Anyhow- I know that with the economy being where it's at, it has an effect on so many...myself included. However, it is a good time to take a pause and really think about all the things you are blessed with, all the things that you are thankful for. Life gets crazy and my life is usually full of chaos and so I know how hard it can be to take those moment to really breathe in the reality of all the great things I have. Truly, I know I am blessed.

I wish for you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday, as well!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh, for the Love of Type!

I love typography. I really, sincerely adore it. Those who know me well know how much I enjoy playing with type so I always get a thrill when I get those Veer emails advertising new fonts. And it is actually from one of those great emails that I found this font. I totally and absolutely am drooling over this one. I love love loooooooove it! It's called "Dear Sarah Pro". I want it so much. I envision making so many pretty things with it. You can practically smell the ink and the wax-sealed stationery....yummmm! Another great thing that I love about this font is that it also includes extra characters that have flourishes, pretty hand-drawn looking dingbats and other pretty swashes. Oh and how beautiful my name looks in this font....I'm adding this to my list I'm sending to Santa...

Yours truly,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dog Camping

Okay. After recently adopting our newest canine family members, miniature schnauzers: Alice and Bella (yes, I know!), I am all of a sudden aware of all the fun little things that cater to little dogs! I think a person could easily spend a fortune on their lil doggy loves and this cool pet camper from Gibraltar Furniture is definitely no exception. I doubt that I'd ever spend this much on anything for my dog. (I can't even spend that much on myself!) But it's still so cool that I had to throw it up on here! I mean, come on! It's just cool!

Friday, November 7, 2008

1PT. Rule Comic

I have to give my applause to my fellow Nebraskans at 36Point for their new venture: 1PT. Rule Comic. The comic strip offers humor that only a designer could appreciate. The comic also carries over the humor of the double-duo from The Reflex Blue Show, Nate Voss (illustrator and designer of 1PT.Rule) and Donovan Beery. Those who are familiar with the show know what I'm talking about! There's new comics out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday- so if you are needing a bit of a comic relief, it's worth checking out!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And so the pumpkin is transformed...

Okay...I just have to post this because it's so much fun! We all know the story of Cinderella and how her fairy godmother transformed a pumpkin into a beautiful coach to carry her off to the ball...What little girl or little girl inside us wouldn't love seeing this actual transformation! There are a ton of ideas as well as this one that you can find at Hallmark Magazine's website. May your Halloween be MAGICAL!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Okay, so it's been awhile...

I know, I know...it's been well over a month since I have posted anything on here. But I guess better late than never, right?

Let's see, since my last post, what has been going on? Well, I am working on a top secret project with my BDGF (Best Design Girl Friend) and as soon as I am able to, I will post more on it. The only thing that I will share is that I am getting to work in some of my favorite areas: typography and illustration. Yum! But that is all I can say about it for now! hehe

I am trying to put together some sketches for the next HOWiezine book that is due in less than a month away! The theme of the zine is 'Positive/Negative'....so many ideas....but I decided that if I can pull it off, I would REALLY like to integrate some kinetic design into my contribution! I've already heard how awesome the covers are...Patti's already got them. I can't wait to see them!

I also signed up to contribute to a HOWie poster again this year. I was able to contribute to last year's poster and it turned out great. Sadly, I have mine on top of a shelf, collecting dust. Someone should smack me! I need to get that thing put up somewhere. :::sigh:::

Today is Friday and while I enjoy the weekend as much as anyone else, I have to come back into work for a few hours tomorrow and I also have a monster house full of ick that desperately needs not just a maid but a whole cleaning crew. They'd all leave running and screaming!

I will try to post more fun and design-ee related stuff this next time! Have a great weekend wherever you are!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Political Design

I was compelled to write in my blog this morning after receiving an email from HOW Design Blog featuring a series of posters designed by Campbell Mithun for upcoming Republican National Convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul. They were designed for The UnConvention which is being sponsored by The Walker Art Center. I have to honestly say that when I saw these posters, I just didn't get it....I know that they are trying to make light of the reputation of the Replublican party, but I don't think it's the best work that I have ever seen. Plus, for me, the message is a turn-off. The designs lack creative imagination, in my opinion. I think that after seeing the poster designs for the Democratic National Convention, I am just disappointed.

I saw the poster designs for the Democratic National Convention a few weeks ago. They were designed by Idaho Stew. I have to say that from the moment I saw them, I loved them. I just love the illustrative design...I am captivated by the creative innovation in each one. I love how they all tie in with the Democratic National Convention, and the location of DNC (Denver, CO). I am not Democratic but I am very impressed with these posters. I would even say that they are persuasive. Those who know me, they know that I am not big into politics. I just don't get involved in a lot of discussion regarding politics. This year, I have to admit that I have been unimpressed with the candidates on all sides from the beginning. I can't say that any of them have won me over and that is a sad thing. However, if it were based on design savvy alone, I'd have to say that the Democrats definitely have the lead there. And the amazing thing is that design is viral...whether we like it or not, design does influence.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I just read exciting news about a book that is coming out in March of this next year that is called Drip.Dot.Swirl by Von Glitschka. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book!

Back in May, after returning from the HOW Design Conference, I was sifting through swag and found an awesome little swatchbook featuring Mod-Tone paper from French Paper. I fell in love with it instantly. I was seriously considering using some of this paper for a stationery project that I was working on at the time as well as possibly for my graduation invitations. I also realized that a friend of mine had sent me a Christmas card that featured this paper. So, after talking to her about it, realized that I didn't necessarily need to use that paper to get the same effect. I could just create my own patterned tiles. And I also remember asking Von about this subject as well. As always, Von was great about responding to my email with some tips and suggestions. So, when I saw his post regarding his book, I got really excited about it!

And as for my own pattern tile creations, no, I haven't actually made any. I shelved the stationery project temporarily because I have been so busy with other things. But I am seriously thinking about taking them off that dusty shelf and working on some patterns to use with them. There is also a package design project that I am going to be working on soon, perhaps I can apply pattern tiles to that as well??? Hmmmmm......my creative voices in my head are not congregating....

In any case, stay tuned for more on patterned tiles and also more information about Von's book. I am sure I'll be mentioning it again in the near future!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Time to go to an exhibit!

I just received an email from Ink Lounge Gallery yesterday that inspired me to throw up here on my blog. I get periodic emails from Ink Lounge Gallery but decided that in my pursuit to find more topics relating to design/illustration and such, this topic would be great to mention. Donovan Beery of eleven19 (as well as The Reflex Blue Show and formerly of Be A Design Group) actually introduced me to Ink Lounge Gallery's website as I had mentioned to him that I was wanting to learn how to do screen printing. Ink Lounge Gallery actually offers periodic workshops in screen printing and so I signed up to get their newsletter as I wasn't able to take a workshop at the time. Granted, I still have not been able to make it to Denver to take a workshop but I am really hoping that I can before the year is up! (I have 5 months left, so surely I can fit something in, right?!)

Anyhow- what I was wanting to share was that they currently have Jay Vollmer's work on exhibit from Friday, August 1 through September 21st. Yes- today is the opening of the show and it will be from 6-9pm at Ink Lounge Gallery which is located at (I believe) Block 07 Belmar, 445 S. Saulsbury St., Studio H in Lakewood, Colorado. You can also call (303) 321-7101 to make sure that I have the information correct. Their hours are from Tues-Friday 12-5, Sat & Sun 12-6.

I don't know if you have heard of and know Jay Vollmer's work. Before getting the email from Ink Lounge Gallery, I can't say that I have. But I still wanted to check it out and see what sort of work he did. I have recently been interested in screen print and letterpress work. There is something so very cool about more handmade type work that just grabs my attention. I found that Jay Vollmer's work has a lot of this quality I enjoy. There is a hard edge to most of his work that I do like. I love altered collage type work and so this definitely caters to that category in a lot of ways. I realize that a lot of my illustration work seems to be a bit on the "clean" side but when it comes down to it, I really like imperfection....a ragged, rugged, rough edge. LOL

The hard question is- will I be attending? To the open show- probably not. I just found out about it and know that there is no way I can break away to drive to Denver right now. I might have the opportunity to see the exhibit before it is over and I am going to try to make an effort to do so. But as busy as my schedule has been lately with not just work but extracurricular stuff going on, it's hard to plan trips like that. However, I hope that anyone reading this is able to make it, that they do go and see it!

Monday, July 21, 2008

What a week!

Okay. So it's been over a week, I realize but there has been a lot going on! I had my graduation reception on Saturday, July 12th and it turned out pretty good. Mostly family and closest friends attended. My best friend from Rawlins, Wyoming came down with her husband and son and stayed with us. We had so much fun and I was so sad when she had to leave to go back home.

July 17th was my birthday. Thirty-Four years. Geesh. Another year bites the dust. I was watching E.T. with my kids the other night as it was a 25-year anniversary showing. I really felt old. I realized that I was my daughter's age when the movie came out. I was NINE. And I remember going to the theater when the movie came out. But the funny thing is that despite how old I have aged, that movie remains rather timeless. LOL

Let's see...what else have I been doing? Well, I am still working on the murals for the fire dept. I basically got the concepts of them mapped out and this week, I am probably going to be sketching them out on the walls. Maybe ready for paint by this weekend.

I also went to Taylor Swift/Rascal Flats concert with my nine year old daughter, a friend of hers and her friend's mom. I was told that Taylor Swift wasn't very good in concert, but I have to admit, going in with that expectation, I was rather surprised that she wasn't really that horribly bad. She actually was pretty good. My daughter was absolutely thrilled and just beamed the entire time that Taylor played and so, that is what really matters. On a side note- my daughter has aspirations to be writing music, learning guitar and such so that by the time she is 13 years old, we'll go to Nashville so she can make it big just like Taylor Swift. Ahhhhh....to be nine again.....oh but I guess I am still dreaming, too....so perhaps I am still nine as well? As for Rascal Flats....awesome, awesome, awesome! They actually happen to be one of my favorite bands and so getting to see them was definitely a PERK! I would love to go to another concert of theirs in the future...hopefully with better seats or maybe even standing room only. Those guys totally rock!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

'I Am Free'

Okay...I realize that this is TWO posts in one day but I had to say something about {we are}storytellers. They have some of the most awesome digital scrapbooking kits that I have seen. Not that I have seen a lot. I'll admit- I have never done any digital scrapbooking before. I guess I have been busy with other realms of creativity, I have never crossed over into this area before. But I wonder why??? Oh, the time I could waste...I know that I could get easily lost in my own private world playing with this stuff! I have tons of scrapbooking stuff at home, love rubber stamping, creating altered art and such. I have never done a lot of scrapbooking, though, despite all the stuff I have to do it. Most of the time, when I get into creating stuff like that, I have ended up creating cards or altered art of some sort. But rarely a scrapbook page. Don't ask why because I have no idea. But in any case- this set of digital scrapbooking called "I Am Free" totally ROCKS! I don't know if I would necessarily use it for scrapbooking, as my given history, but I could totally come up with some other great ideas in which to use these for! This is the sort of stuff that inspires me and speaks to that creative monster inside!!!

Cool Luggage!

I don't know how many of you follow trendhunter but I will sometimes check it out just for fun. I went and was looking at it this morning and found this awesome Pop Top luggage made by Publicworks. I made the mistake a couple of years ago by investing in a simple, standard black luggage set. I didn't realize until I had to use it on an airflight to Atlanta that my luggage looked like everyone else's! I recently went on a trip to New England and found this same issue. Granted, I should have found some way to mark my bags so they would be easier to recognize, but I didn't. And I remember standing there by luggage claim in Boston, waiting and waiting and waiting for our luggage to come around, only to discover that it was already there, set aside. The dumb thing was that we had walked by it and I remembered seeing it and thinking it looked like ours yet thinking, "Nah, that can't be ours." Well, it was. In any case, I plan to do something to my luggage to make it more identifiable for the next trip we take! I would love to have this luggage but I have a feeling that I am going to have to wait awhile. But I still wanted to share because I love this concept! Funny enough, the dots, while they make me think of things like comic book art and pointillism, I also thought about Unboundary which is a design studio located in Atlanta that I was able to visit last year. It's just FUN, how could you not love it?!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Recuperating & Reviving

Wow! That 3-Day weekend blew by way too fast! I hope that everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend!

Our neighborhood had a block party. One of my neighbors decorated their entire backyard with a tropical theme. They had tropical plants, waterfalls, tiki torches, leis, grass skirts. You name it! There was even an open bar serving beer and fun foo-foo fruity drinks like dacquiries, margaritas and pina coladas. (All my faves!) And to top it all off, we had a hog roast and a fire pit. Later that night, we all pooled our fireworks and blocked off part of the street in front of our house (with city's permission, of course) and had quite a display. It was good times, for sure!

Well, now that the holiday is over, it's back to work...I have a lot to get done this week! This week is not just about recuperating but also reviving! My graduation reception is this Saturday and so I have a lot of prep work to get done for that. I also need to get those sketches done for the murals for the fire dept. this week. Someway, somehow...I need to make it happen! Pass me some caffeine, please!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I have been thinking about an idea all morning and am wanting to find a way to make it happen. A little girl from here was hurt in a farm accident this last weekend. She and her brothers actually went to daycare and preschool with my youngest children. My daughter suggested making a card to send and that sort of triggered my idea. As I am wanting to work on creating my own line of stationery and accessories, I thought it would be really great to also create a line that would be for tweenies and call it "Drewsie's" after the little girl hurt in the accident. And then, once I am able to produce and market pieces for "Drewsie's", a percentage of the sales would go to help her family out. This isn't something that I'll be able to do overnight as I realize the work that will have to go into this. But I would like to be able to use my design abilities to do something to help out in some way. I wish I could give all proceeds to the family, but unless I can get the materials and printing costs donated for the cause, I have to use some of the proceeds to cover that expense. Otherwise, what's left will be donated for the cause.

But in any case, this will be something that hopefully I will be able to talk more about as I am able to work on it and able to get things to take off! The biggest problem is that I have so much I am wanting and needing to do, that it may be a while for it to get developed. But I am hoping that the longevity of the work will be beneficial for some time to come. And as big as my aspirations may be, hopefully go on to help other families in similar situations with needs. If you have any additional ideas, suggestions or information to help me get "Drewsie's" to take off, please email me at darcyleadesign@gmail.com. Your email would be so greatly appreciated!

Anyhow- I hope that everyone has a safe and fun Independence Day weekend! As for me, I'll be enjoying tomorrow at our neighborhood block party sipping on fruity foo-foo drinks and watching fireworks with my family. I'll catch up with you all next week!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Why, Oh Why Can't I?

Okay, well with the work that I have been doing in preparation for my graduation reception in a couple of weeks, I decided to play off of it for my blog. I am actually working on a campaign that will include two different posters, some notecards, 3"x3" business cards, and some other fun little goodies. The pieces feature fun and bright colors that I love using in my work. I also illustrated a fun and crazy little blue bird. While thinking of blue birds and something catchy to go with it, I thought of the song, "Over the Rainbow" and about "...if happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow...Why, oh why can't I?" And I thought- "THAT'S IT!" I mean, here I am, a graduate with all these crazy ideas, creative madness thriving in the very core of me and the limitless possibilities. So that leads me to..."Why, oh why can't I?" Why can't I push my creative abilities? Why can't I do what I truly want to do? Why can't I show people what I am capable of? Why can't I prove to myself that I have what it takes...OH the rebel in me sees that question and says, "Bring it on!" LOL

So I have adopted this bird and this theme...."Why, Oh why can't I?" but I have to share another funny connection to it. Most who really know me well know that I have a secret collection of Wizard of Oz memorabilia. I won't say that I seek the stuff out. At one time, I suppose I did. I thought it would be really cool & completely wicked to decorate my kitchen with a Wizard of Oz theme. I had always liked the Wizard of Oz as a child. I love poppies. I always wanted a pair of those ruby slippers. (But what little girl didn't, right?!) And so to have something so crazy as the Wicked Witch of the East's legs sticking out from under my dishwasher was just a riot of an idea. But alas- I soon discovered that my ideas weren't all that unique to have a Wizard of Oz kitchen and so I ended up not doing it. (I wanted to be the only one with a cool Wizard of Oz kitchen, you know!) And, despite that I no longer have that desire to collect the stuff, my mom still picks up Wizard of Oz memorabilia for me anytime she ever runs across anything. So...I just thought it was fun to twist that little tidbit into my birdy design. LOL I know my mom would appreciate that at least!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A boost for the day...

HOW Design Magazine is hosting a series of Webinars featuring speakers such as Jeni Herberger, Peleg Top, Ilise Benun, and I am sure many others following. I actually joined in for the first session of the series by Jeni Herberger: Planning Your Design Career. I was able to go to one of her sessions at the HOW Design Conference in Atlanta last year but didn't make it to any of her sessions at the conference in Boston. I really enjoyed the webinar session. Since I just finished up school and am currently trying to map out what I really want to do, where I want to take my career, I found that this particular session was very informative. A lot of it was stuff that I have heard before but I find that sometimes I need a little redundancy in order to get it through my thick head! Seriously though, I think that it really depends on where you are at with your career, with your life in general and your state of mind when listening to advice such as this. Had I listened to this same webinar a year ago, would it have affected me as it did yesterday? Would I have gotten as much out of it? Would I have started applying the concepts sooner? What about 2 years from now? 5 years from now? 10 years from now? I think that within this next year, it will be interesting to reflect upon the steps that I have made in working towards my goals. Right now, I feel inspired and ambitious...let's see how I keep that up!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why Hello, there!

I have to admit that I haven't been the best at blogging in the past. But I realize how many people really dig 'em and I am starting to see why! There are definitely a lot of really great blogs out there! It's time I start taking blogs a bit more serious!!!

So, why now? Why not?! I just finished up school. My brain just bubbles with creative ideas that I need to NOW start working on developing. I have a job but it's not creative enough to keep me satisfied. So I am working on a plan...

Why should you be reading my blog? Hmmmm....I could say that it's because you are completely bored and have nothing better to do, but I won't. But really the answer will lie in the content- I will be sharing my journey with you. The ups, the downs, the cool discoveries, my wishes, my aspirations, funny stuff, sad stuff....who knows. I have a lot to learn with all this blogging. Like adding more stuff on my blog page. But for now, I'll just stick with the 'less is more' and work on adding 'more is more' for next time.