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Friday, June 27, 2008

Why, Oh Why Can't I?

Okay, well with the work that I have been doing in preparation for my graduation reception in a couple of weeks, I decided to play off of it for my blog. I am actually working on a campaign that will include two different posters, some notecards, 3"x3" business cards, and some other fun little goodies. The pieces feature fun and bright colors that I love using in my work. I also illustrated a fun and crazy little blue bird. While thinking of blue birds and something catchy to go with it, I thought of the song, "Over the Rainbow" and about "...if happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow...Why, oh why can't I?" And I thought- "THAT'S IT!" I mean, here I am, a graduate with all these crazy ideas, creative madness thriving in the very core of me and the limitless possibilities. So that leads me to..."Why, oh why can't I?" Why can't I push my creative abilities? Why can't I do what I truly want to do? Why can't I show people what I am capable of? Why can't I prove to myself that I have what it takes...OH the rebel in me sees that question and says, "Bring it on!" LOL

So I have adopted this bird and this theme...."Why, Oh why can't I?" but I have to share another funny connection to it. Most who really know me well know that I have a secret collection of Wizard of Oz memorabilia. I won't say that I seek the stuff out. At one time, I suppose I did. I thought it would be really cool & completely wicked to decorate my kitchen with a Wizard of Oz theme. I had always liked the Wizard of Oz as a child. I love poppies. I always wanted a pair of those ruby slippers. (But what little girl didn't, right?!) And so to have something so crazy as the Wicked Witch of the East's legs sticking out from under my dishwasher was just a riot of an idea. But alas- I soon discovered that my ideas weren't all that unique to have a Wizard of Oz kitchen and so I ended up not doing it. (I wanted to be the only one with a cool Wizard of Oz kitchen, you know!) And, despite that I no longer have that desire to collect the stuff, my mom still picks up Wizard of Oz memorabilia for me anytime she ever runs across anything. So...I just thought it was fun to twist that little tidbit into my birdy design. LOL I know my mom would appreciate that at least!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A boost for the day...

HOW Design Magazine is hosting a series of Webinars featuring speakers such as Jeni Herberger, Peleg Top, Ilise Benun, and I am sure many others following. I actually joined in for the first session of the series by Jeni Herberger: Planning Your Design Career. I was able to go to one of her sessions at the HOW Design Conference in Atlanta last year but didn't make it to any of her sessions at the conference in Boston. I really enjoyed the webinar session. Since I just finished up school and am currently trying to map out what I really want to do, where I want to take my career, I found that this particular session was very informative. A lot of it was stuff that I have heard before but I find that sometimes I need a little redundancy in order to get it through my thick head! Seriously though, I think that it really depends on where you are at with your career, with your life in general and your state of mind when listening to advice such as this. Had I listened to this same webinar a year ago, would it have affected me as it did yesterday? Would I have gotten as much out of it? Would I have started applying the concepts sooner? What about 2 years from now? 5 years from now? 10 years from now? I think that within this next year, it will be interesting to reflect upon the steps that I have made in working towards my goals. Right now, I feel inspired and ambitious...let's see how I keep that up!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why Hello, there!

I have to admit that I haven't been the best at blogging in the past. But I realize how many people really dig 'em and I am starting to see why! There are definitely a lot of really great blogs out there! It's time I start taking blogs a bit more serious!!!

So, why now? Why not?! I just finished up school. My brain just bubbles with creative ideas that I need to NOW start working on developing. I have a job but it's not creative enough to keep me satisfied. So I am working on a plan...

Why should you be reading my blog? Hmmmm....I could say that it's because you are completely bored and have nothing better to do, but I won't. But really the answer will lie in the content- I will be sharing my journey with you. The ups, the downs, the cool discoveries, my wishes, my aspirations, funny stuff, sad stuff....who knows. I have a lot to learn with all this blogging. Like adding more stuff on my blog page. But for now, I'll just stick with the 'less is more' and work on adding 'more is more' for next time.