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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Think I Have a Crush on Paper-Source...

So I got this email from Paper-Source today notifying me of new products. I just recently bought those delish envelopes from them and signed up for emails. So I go to the website just to check it out for fun...why not, right? Oh my goodness! Do they have some stylish & witty things on there! (And when I was buying envelopes, I was so focused on just the envelopes and paper that I didn't even venture anywhere else on the site, really...but that was probably a wise mistake on my end considering that I was sitting there with my debit card in hand!)

Check out this witty coin purse! Now that's a fun way to say "Stick It" to this economy...with style and pizzaz, of course!

I also love this tote made from disposable shopping bags- not only are you repurposing those bags, it's also a very fun, bright and colorful bag for all your shopping adventures!

Having probably dozens of scattered sketchbooks, journals and such around the house, well, there's always room for one more! I love the message on this one!

And of course, I really like the idea of this fun chalkboard! What a fun way to leave notes and reminders and such!

A Party that Alice Cullen Would Approve Of...

I have been looking at Hostess with the Mostess™ blog for awhile...love all the fun and creative ideas that she has on there for parties. (And I wish that I would have stumbled upon her site before my daughter's birthday because I could have used that inspirational boost to really play up the invitations that I made for her...but the good thing is that there is always NEXT year, right?!) I am also working on ideas for a baby shower, or maybe I should call it a Sip 'N See, for my sister and her new baby that should make her debut into this world anyday!

Anyhow...before I go on rambling anymore and getting completely off track, I wanted to share these awesome downloadables that can be found at Hostess with the Mostess™ blogsite. I don't know how many of you reading my blog are Twilight fans, but I definitely am! I absolutely love the books! I was feeling a little lost without having any Harry Potter books to look forward to, so this book series definitely quenched my thirst!

I have been thinking how awesome it would be to throw my own Twilight party but right now, we're going through about 12 years of boxes and totes...it's been long long overdue, and so I have no idea where I would have it! But I wanted to pass this along because it's just a great idea! If you end up throwing one of these Twilight parties, will you please invite me????

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Summer/Fall Color Palette

So I went and decided on a color palette to work with for my Summer/Fall colors. I guess, traditionally looking at the colors, you might think that they'd be more typical for Spring/Summer, right? Well, not so...at least not from how I am looking at it, anyhow! The top row of colors are the main colors for my palette. (I just ordered envelopes yesterday from Paper Source PS Collection/Waste Not Paper....Blossom, Papaya, Beet, Pool & Chartreuse- LOVE those colors! Plus, they come from a company that is green conscious!) The second and third rows are for accent colors, in the event that I need to add additional colors to give depth, dimension or any added details to the main color used. I am really excited to finally have this step done so that I can move on to the next step: sketching and working on illustrations!

With this line, I plan to create the following:
Greeting Cards
Stationery/Note Sets
Calling Cards
Invitation Sets
Recipe Cards
Small Notebooks
Fun Parent/Teacher Forms

I'd also like to create some fun things like buttons, magnets & pushpins...things that surely come in handy when going back to school or organizing your office space! I might even get creative and decide to paint some coordinating message boards as well....how fun would that be?!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A {naughty} Little Splurge

Shame on me for this impulse buy, but what a purchase it is, don't you agree? I saw the pattern on this purse, the style and the price and decided to buy it. Granted, I am sure that my husband is going to be scowling about how many purses I already have (and I know that I don't have as many as some people I know...) But I just LOVED this! This is made by fromnancy: Creating Things on Etsy. There are a lot more fabric choices and bag styles on her shop to choose from. But this is the one I just had to have. It's just so inspirational and don't you just dig the colors?! WOW- I do!