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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

Okay...so it's a little early to be celebrating but in light of the new year, I am sure I am not alone in the quest to find a new calendar. I actually have been thinking very heavily about creating my own, which I do actually plan to do. But considering how this last month has gone, I haven't had much time to do any fun creative anything, so they're going to be late-coming. However, I still wanna do them. I have been tossing around a few ideas. One is to create an 18 month calendar instead of just a regular 12 month calendar. That could possibly make up for my design-tardiness. Maybe....But I have also thought about a rather timeless calendar that would feature individual cards to flip for the days of the week, day of the month and month of the year. I think it's quite a lovely idea. I just need to quit procrastinating and make the time to get it done, however I end up doing it!

In the meantime, while I know everyone is just so anxious and on the edge to buy this anticipated calendar I plan to design, I thought I would share some of the calendars that I really enjoy and have been trying to decide on whether to buy or not and WHICH ONE!!!!

I did recently buy a very cool screenprinted calendar from Ink Lounge Gallery about a month ago, but I bought it for someone else and did not keep. I am actually wishing I would have grabbed an extra one for myself. I still might....

I found this really cool 2009 Thyme calendar from norawhynot on Etsy (above). I love the illustration style and the colors she chose to use. They also come with stories about the illustrations and thyme and it's a perfect size!

I also found this 5.5"W x 18.5"H calendar (above) from Suzy Jack*. I really like the size of this calendar because it isn't a traditional, typical size. The illustrations flow really well with the style and really make this calendar one of the most beautiful ones I have seen so far. The site is worth exploring, you'll find a lot of other fun accessories that simply thrill my creative soul!

I think that one of my favorites that I have seen has to be this adorable 6"x6" calendar (above) from Night Owl Paper Goods. I'd buy this one in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, they are all sold out! BooooooHoooooo!!!!! But I still wanted to share because these owls are just adorable and with all the little owl doodles that I have been doing lately, I have actually considered designing my own fun little owl calendar. And well, since I can't buy this one, I might have to do it...at least for myself! But do check out Night Owl's site because there are a lot of other really great things to see- they have some fabulous stationery.

I do plan to post again, maybe over this weekend when I might have a little more time (and when I might take a break from working on my own calendar! LOL) But until then, I hope that everyone has a safe and very Happy New Year! I look forward to the possibilities that 2009 may bring!

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Go Inspire said...

I found you on the How forums.
You have a great blog! I added it to my links on my blog GoInspire.

I have an idea for your calendar dilemma. I posted it today. Seems others are having the same trouble.
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