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Thursday, January 1, 2009

What do *I* Want 2009

I decided that instead of coming up with a list of resolutions for this year, I wanted to think of things a little differently. I thought of calling it my "Aspirations List" or even a "Reminders for 2009" list. But it just really doesn't fit for what I really really need it to be. I need something more direct, more blunt...Maybe it's from watching The Notebook this last week or maybe The Women just recently but something struck a nerve and really got me thinking..."WHAT DO *I* WANT?" Really....what is it that I want? I have been thinking that if I can truly come up with the answer to this, I can create my own little list and from there, create the babysteps needed to accomplish those things. I mean, I keep thinking in my head, "what do I want? what is it that I truly, deeply want? Not what others want, not what I think others want me to want (okay that was a bit much)...but truly...what do *I* want?"

So, here is my idea: During the month of January of this brand new year, I will aspire to create a plan, use an entire wall if needed to visually communicate to myself what it is that I want. Some might call it a "Dream Board" or an "Inspiration Board" or whatever. But that doesn't really work for me. I dream enough as it is. Sometimes I think that if daydreaming could be a paid occupation, I'd have a load of wealth but my dreams would eventually fade. That would be a very sad thing. But anyhow....what I want and what I need is something that is visually more demanding of me. I need that wall to literally scream at me "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" and demand that I answer. But here's the catch- I really have to dig deep for what I put up there. What I put up there, they have to be things that I have to work for and earn. And once it's on the wall, I have to commit to doing the work needed to try and accomplish it. If I don't succeed, it won't be because I didn't try. But I'll never know until then. I know that for most part, the things that I really want are attainable. If it's something I really want, wouldn't it be worth investing more time and effort in accomplishing?

No more resolutions, no more wish lists....it's time to start demanding more from myself, leave no room for excuses! It's 2009- BRING IT ON!!!!

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