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Friday, May 22, 2009

Busy Days!

So, it's been far too long since I last updated my blog. How shameful. But it's been absolutely crazy for me in the last month! My sister had another baby girl last month, Christine Carolyn, born on April 25th. So, I went to Denver so I could help welcome baby Christine into the world and also entertain her big sister, Sara Mae. But the arrival of Christine also meant birth announcements and baby shower invites to make. (I decided to throw her a baby shower so that my grandparents who can't make it to Denver would be able to see and love on her.) On top of that fun, I have also made birthday party invites for another person, got calling cards printed, packaged up and taken down to the local coffee shop that my work is featured in...I also made some invites for a going away party for one of my son's friends. (And talk about last minute! He brought me the information on a Tuesday and the party was that following Friday! But despite the short notice, the party turned out to be a huge hit.) We have had concerts and awards nights and track meets in the last month. It's been crazy!

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend...I am throwing the baby shower for my new niece tomorrow afternoon at my home. I decided to go for a very whimsical theme. Rather than telling you of all the details about it, I'll be taking pictures and posting on here so you can actually see. (Plus, as much as a time crunch I am under now at this point, I'd hate to mention something I planned on doing and then not be able to do it or it not turn out as I had hoped!) I know it is going to be absolutely beautiful, though! I am actually very excited about pulling it all together. This week has been nuts, though! We have been going through a bunch of stuff that we have accumulated over the last 16 years in boxes and totes and such and so we have all been scrambling to get it finished and the house clean for a good share of this week. Talk about rush job! Sheesh! But this weekend really did sneak up on me faster than I expected! I am sitting here right now in shock that it's almost June! Holy Moly!!!! But in any case, I know that we'll get stuff done and everything will turn out beautifully, so I really shouldn't stress myself out over it. Things will turn out the way they're supposed to.

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