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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Think I Have a Crush on Paper-Source...

So I got this email from Paper-Source today notifying me of new products. I just recently bought those delish envelopes from them and signed up for emails. So I go to the website just to check it out for fun...why not, right? Oh my goodness! Do they have some stylish & witty things on there! (And when I was buying envelopes, I was so focused on just the envelopes and paper that I didn't even venture anywhere else on the site, really...but that was probably a wise mistake on my end considering that I was sitting there with my debit card in hand!)

Check out this witty coin purse! Now that's a fun way to say "Stick It" to this economy...with style and pizzaz, of course!

I also love this tote made from disposable shopping bags- not only are you repurposing those bags, it's also a very fun, bright and colorful bag for all your shopping adventures!

Having probably dozens of scattered sketchbooks, journals and such around the house, well, there's always room for one more! I love the message on this one!

And of course, I really like the idea of this fun chalkboard! What a fun way to leave notes and reminders and such!

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