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Friday, July 17, 2009

HOW Design Conference 2009: Just getting started!

HOW Design Conference June 24th – June 27th, 2009: Austin Texas
(Over the next week, I am going to touch on different aspects of the conference! There's just no way that I can squeeze it all into one short blog. I'm just way too long-winded for that!)

If you have ever been to a HOW Design Conference, then you can totally understand and appreciate how fast paced and exciting it can be! This year was no exception! I have been slow in getting this posted because I really have wanted to think about the conference and absorb all the information that I learned while there. Plus, I really wanted to justify this post with information that is worthy of sharing with others, that is also beneficial to them and not just a “show and tell”. I could share all the pictures I took with you and prove that it was a good time. However, I don’t think that they would provide much justification or could prove ROI with your company or clients (or even with yourself if you are one of those lucky ones, like myself, who have self-paid) without explanation (or sharing other experiences not photographed) to show how beneficial conferences like this can be.

First topic will be covering Networking. This is a very important topic when it comes to attending a conference as its about meeting others in the field, having conversations about experiences, asking advice, etc.

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