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Monday, July 20, 2009

HOW Design Conference 2009: Sessions

You know, for the first few days or so after the conference, allowing more to be absorbed, I have to admit that I had this feeling of disappointment in some of the sessions that I attended. There were a few that I really had been ones that I staked high interest in but ultimately felt disappointed in them for not living up to my expectations. And unfortunately, I ended up walking out on those. It happens. Not saying that they were horrible sessions or there wasn’t benefit in what the speakers had to offer because I know that isn’t true. I’m just saying that for some of the sessions that I walked out of, it was more about the fact that it was information that really didn’t apply to me nor the direction that I desire to go in. I do wish I would’ve attended some of those freelance sessions given by Peleg Top and Ilise Benun. In the chaos of trying to keep my schedule straight, I forgot all about those sessions and honestly, there wasn’t anything printed in our booklet about them (unless I missed something?) and I don’t even remember seeing any signs for them. But that could have been my fault for not being more observant, too. (There were moments that I could probably say that my personal theme was “Lost in Austin”. Stories to entertain, for sure, but perhaps for another time…) But in any case…I am going to move onto the good stuff now-

(Photo courtesy of Kelly Parke)

I did attend quite a few sessions that really did knock my socks off. I really enjoyed sessions that provoked my creative brain to explore ideas, made me look at things in a different perspective and really did leave me feeling inspired. I won’t lie- those speakers that were engaged with their audience, they threw out entertaining videos, made us dance, threw glitter on us, wore clown noses, offered up prizes of lil ninja dolls and cool posters or made us go out to promote our favorite PMS colors (and for one of my roommates benefit- “VOTE FOR PMS-580…Going KINDA Green” LOL)...Well, we’re a bunch of creative designers (or well, I like to think so) and so we’re easily distracted by these things. We are like a bunch of preschoolers that just want to pick up a book to look at the pretty pictures. We like hands-on stuff. We want to “ooooh & ahhhhh”. But it’s also through these methods that we learn and allow that inner child to come out and play. It’s by allowing the freedom of creative thinking to make the impossible ideas become reality. Yet, at the same time, we are also in need to learn how to deal with difficult clients, learn or improve skill sets, become more business oriented, improve leadership skills, become a better team player, learn to write better (and hopefully without typos…oh, I do hope you’ll forgive me…), learning how to promote and market yourself in these crazy economic times and of course…networking.

(Photo courtesy of Jeff Fisher, Logomotives)

Regardless of those sessions that I couldn't jive with, the ones that I did enjoy really did make up for it! Once again, I left the conference inspired, motivated with new ideas, more knowledgeable in areas that I wasn't as knowledgeable in and feeling more connected then ever before! So would I say this justifies the expense for next year's conference? You betcha!

(And just in case you didn't know...next year's conference will be in Denver June 6-9, 2010!)

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