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Thursday, August 27, 2009

home, paper, scissors

Yesterday, I received a copy of home, paper, scissors by designer friend, Patricia Zapata, and I am telling you...I am blown away! I was on my lunch break from work and could not put the book down. I was hypnotized from front to back, amazed at all the great, fun projects that are tucked within. It actually made me think how fun it would be to play hookie from work for the rest of the day so that I could have a secret love affair with a paper craft project!

Patricia not only provides a lot of great paper craft ideas but gives good instruction on how to complete them, including supplies needed and approximate time it takes to complete them. Another thing that Patricia included, that I really do appreciate, is a description of different papers. It's very informative to those that are not only a novice to paper crafting but even a helpful guide to those who aren't.

And if you are budget conscious, these are actually really affordable crafts to make for gifts. I know of a couple of events coming up where some of these ideas could really be fun and cost effective to make. And Christmas will be here before we know it!

Please check out Patricia's blogs: A Little Hut and Crafty Synergy. She offers more fun and inspirational projects. You can also find out more about her and home, paper, scissors there as well.

You can also purchase home, paper, scissors at Random House, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders.

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patricia said...

Thank you so much Darcy! I'm so happy that you like it! I can't wait to see what you make.