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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An Invitation a 15 year old Might Approve of...

My oldest son is turning 15 in a few weeks. It doesn't seem possible at all. Where did that time go? Seriously. He's now at the age where looking cool and impressing people seems like an important aspect of his life. He's now officially in high school and a football player. So he's automatically grandfathered into a cool club he thinks. LOL Oh if only it were that easy...

Anyhow- I have been horrible about keeping up on this blog, posting consistently. I have also been a slacker of the creative realm. Doesn't mean my creative brain isn't going non-stop. Just that I haven't made time for myself to develop some of those cool ideas into something more tangible. Such a shame. Such a waste. However, I am wanting to improve upon that. I need to.

I was feeling as though I needed to work on something just to jumpstart things again. Or try. Other than some doodle-cards I need to work on for an exchange I signed up for, I really didn't have anything else to work on. Well, let me rephrase that...I had stuff to work on, but just haven't. That's sort of a long story that I'll work out for later. But anyhow- I was thinking about any birthdays or holidays coming up very very soon that would call for a quick and fun invite or greeting and realized that my son's birthday is coming up....We're not doing anything major this year. Just going to get some pizzas, have cake and ice cream and that sort of thing. Really laid back. But still, I figured that it would be a good excuse to come up with something, right?! Why not? So I had fun playing with type and whipped up something that a 15 year old would approve of. (And believe me, if he didn't like them, he'd let me know! LOL)

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