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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Okay folks...I am in the process of moving over my domain to another location. It's in the works but this week, I am in the wonderful city of Denver attending HOW Design Conference and so it's a bit chaotic! I forgot all about needing to move over DNS to my new home until this morning- last week I was so busy trying to get a bunch of other things done and well...it's on my priority list for when I get back. So be rest assured that www.darcyleadesign.com will be back- it's just in umm..."transportation mode". haha

I have a new look I am implementing, working on a bunch of stuff and have learned a lot of things at conference here in Denver already that I am really excited about applying to my identity, my site, my whole business plan, etc. And I mentioned this before and so those who know me- right now, it's "spaghetti"...but I am working on making it more like "waffles". LOL So please stay tuned because there is good things to come and I am really excited about sharing them with you!!!

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