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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Soooo...I am finally back from a long (but very fun) week in Denver! Unfortunately, I wasn't up to par on my website before I left, let my domain expire through google and was going to go with another company. There were issues with some sort of password and I also didn't switch over the DNS, either. So I was a bit stressed over all of that. And today, I just said "SCREW IT" and went back to my google domain and renewed. The other way was just too much for me to take today and I am feeling like a little impatient kid today. I want my site back up and running TODAY. And wouldn't you know...I go and renew my domain and that all seems good but then it's like taking forever for it to update and my site to be back online. My FTP wasn't playing nice...I was ready to throw myself on the floor and have a good ol' tantrum. Would it have solved anything? No. But, I might have felt a little better and probably would have freaked anyone out if they were around to witness it. But I tried one more time and VOILA! *happydance* It's all up and working again!

So, where is this new site redesign I've been talking about? Well.....I am working on it. Mona Lisa wasn't painted overnight by DaVinci, now was she? But anyhow- I am working on it and hoping that maybe some of the awesome stuff I have learned in the last week will inspire more goodness to be incorporated into it! I am going to be learning CSS and Flash very soon and am going to transform myself into one of those more desirable, well-rounded designers. It's time to get serious and stop wasting my time waiting on people who don't realize my potential. I'm ready to blaze my own trail...

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