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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goodbye, 2011! Hello, 2012!

I haven't posted on here for awhile...we've been so busy with work, football, basketball, school concerts, and a bunch of other things that I just haven't had a chance to really do much on the computer aside from my regular 8-5. I will say that I am pretty glad to put 2011 behind us. I won't say it was a horrible year but it really wasn't the best. But I have high hopes for 2012! I've been thinking a lot about some goals I have and want to see myself working towards this year. And if I can stay focused and motivated, I think some great things can definitely happen!

I thought I'd share my Christmas card design. I didn't get to send out as many as I had hoped, but I guess that considering all that I had going on, I am pretty happy that I got anything designed in the first place! I was very tempted to go out and just buy a box of cards somewhere. But this little voice kept saying "Blasphemy! You're a designer! Not only that but a stationery designer!" So I made a point to come up with something to stuff a sock in the mouth of that little voice! LOL One thing that I will note about my design- I was so angry with all the commercialism around this year. It seemed so "in your face" this year and it drove me crazy. Commercials spit out gawdy jewelry commercials and tacky car commercials. And Best Buy probably had the WORST. Game On, Santa??? Really??? Shame on them!!! So anyhow, I was thinking about the Grinch and how he learned that there was more to Christmas than what he thought there was...more to it than one could buy from a store. So that's the direction I took. The inside of the card read, "May the true meaning of Christmas give you the strength and love throughout the year!"

In any case, I hope that everyone had a great holiday season! And I am happy to say that while I enjoyed every bit of mine, I am so very glad that it is OVER! LOL

Currently, I am working on a fun project for my daughter's 13th birthday. She has been bothering me for months that she wanted to have a Mustache party. I was going to let her have one around Halloween but that ended up not happening. So I promised she could have one for her birthday. We just finished up her invites tonight and I am in the process of creating stuff for her party. It's going to be so much fun! I am actually excited to see it all pull together! I will post pics from her party in a couple of weeks! Stay tuned!

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