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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Well, Tickle Our Whiskers....

 My little girl is growing up way way too fast! It's official, she's now a teenager. I can't believe how fast time has flown by. It seems like yesterday, we were celebrating her 10th birthday with fun Taylor Swift backstage passes that I made for the invites (which are still my favorite!) That experience was awesome but there is something to be said about the craziness of thirteen-year old girls! Oh my! My daughter chose to have a 'Mustache Bash' as her theme. What a crazy girl! It is a fun fad that seems to have hit everywhere but I never would have imagined my daughter wanting to have a party revolving around facial hair! But it was a blast!

I created the invites with my daughter instructing me what she wanted much like an art director. LOL She wanted her invites to have a mustache that her friends could cut out if they wanted and we also added a funny QR-code that we loaded with a funny YouTube video called "The Mustache Rap"! Granted, I am not sure how many of her friends had the capabilities to scan the code, but she insisted that it would be fun to add.

I don't know about the rest of you but I am addicted to Pinterest. There are so many awesome things on there...fun recipes, inspirational quotes, ideas for design, fashion tips, party ideas, etc. I just LOVE it! Anyhow, I found so many great ideas for photo props on there. I really wish that I had a machine to custom laser cut because I could have done some really amazing things! But in any case, I think that considering, I did a pretty bang-up job and the girls absolutely loved playing with the props and taking photos. Of course, I also added some other fun props like feather boas, a big puffy hat, sunglasses, wigs...the girls had a blast!

The cake turned out pretty awesome, too...especially considering that MOI made it! Yes, ME! LOL I saw an idea a few years ago to make a really bold rainbow colored cake and had wanted to do it since but just hadn't until now. I decided that it would be so cool to make a cake in the shape of a mustache and use black frosting (which was very interesting watching the kids eat, by the way!) and then cut into it to reveal a blast of bold color! It was awesome! I am so proud of myself! hahahaha The goody bags were white lunch sacks that featured bow ties and I also cut out mustaches and punched a hole where I threaded a bendy straw through and inserted into the back of the bags. It turned out so cute! My daughter said that this was probably her most favorite birthday ever! When a mom puts as much work into a party like this, that really makes you feel great to hear words like that! :)

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