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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why Hello, there!

I have to admit that I haven't been the best at blogging in the past. But I realize how many people really dig 'em and I am starting to see why! There are definitely a lot of really great blogs out there! It's time I start taking blogs a bit more serious!!!

So, why now? Why not?! I just finished up school. My brain just bubbles with creative ideas that I need to NOW start working on developing. I have a job but it's not creative enough to keep me satisfied. So I am working on a plan...

Why should you be reading my blog? Hmmmm....I could say that it's because you are completely bored and have nothing better to do, but I won't. But really the answer will lie in the content- I will be sharing my journey with you. The ups, the downs, the cool discoveries, my wishes, my aspirations, funny stuff, sad stuff....who knows. I have a lot to learn with all this blogging. Like adding more stuff on my blog page. But for now, I'll just stick with the 'less is more' and work on adding 'more is more' for next time.

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