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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Summer/Fall Color Palette

So I went and decided on a color palette to work with for my Summer/Fall colors. I guess, traditionally looking at the colors, you might think that they'd be more typical for Spring/Summer, right? Well, not so...at least not from how I am looking at it, anyhow! The top row of colors are the main colors for my palette. (I just ordered envelopes yesterday from Paper Source PS Collection/Waste Not Paper....Blossom, Papaya, Beet, Pool & Chartreuse- LOVE those colors! Plus, they come from a company that is green conscious!) The second and third rows are for accent colors, in the event that I need to add additional colors to give depth, dimension or any added details to the main color used. I am really excited to finally have this step done so that I can move on to the next step: sketching and working on illustrations!

With this line, I plan to create the following:
Greeting Cards
Stationery/Note Sets
Calling Cards
Invitation Sets
Recipe Cards
Small Notebooks
Fun Parent/Teacher Forms

I'd also like to create some fun things like buttons, magnets & pushpins...things that surely come in handy when going back to school or organizing your office space! I might even get creative and decide to paint some coordinating message boards as well....how fun would that be?!


devon spec said...

darcy, check this tutorial out.... so fun! :) love your greens btw.

devon spec said...

opps... link. duh...http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/2007/03/thumb-tack-tutorial.html

Darcy Hinrichs said...

Oh, I actually saw that and LOVE that idea! I have actually been thinking about getting some fabric or canvas and taking down to local shop to learn and have it screenprinted with my own design...and then making some things like this with it. Thanks so much for the link...I couldn't remember where it was that I saw this tutorial! :)

Oh and thanks for the green love! :)