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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Be my Passionista"

Okay- in order to uphold my promise to myself to try and keep up with blog posts and also because it is nearing Valentine's Day, I decided that I would share a pretty find. I ran across Meadowlark Creative awhile back when I was looking at trying to find someone somewhat "local" to me that offered letterpress printing and would be willing to show me a few ins & outs of the whole process. The gal that runs the show there was very open-minded at the idea of hosting a workshop...and I really hope she does because I'd love to make it.

Anyhow- I just wanted to share these with you...some awesome letterpress notecards and coasters made by Meadowlark Creative. They're very beautifully done. I love the doily/lace feel and the wittiness of the quotes. Perfect combo, in my opinion! If someone sent one of these to me, I'd definitely be their "passionista"! You can check out Meadowlark Creative's Etsy Shop here...

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