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Monday, January 31, 2011

Champagne Wishes...

I decided to revisit some wedding invitations that I created several months ago and share. I was approached by a gal off of Etsy to create wedding invitations for pocketfolds. She had seen some Save-The-Dates that I had created and really loved the design so much that she wanted her whole invitation set created in it's fashion. Her colors were Chocolate Brown, Chartreuse and Cream. I am biased, I realize, but I really feel that the whole set turned out beautiful. I really wish that I could have been sent one so I could have an actual printed piece for my portfolio and to show others interested in my work, but I didn't get one. But that's okay....I have the original files and may try printing some just to have on hand for that reason. I really do want to build myself up more as an invitation designer and so I can definitely see the benefit of this. I absolutely love designing invitations and all the coordinating pieces to go with. It's the kind of work that I can work way into the early hours of the morning, go without sleep, food, etc. It becomes almost an obsessive thing. I love it THAT much. It gives me about as much pleasure as a day at a theme park...which I love.

Okay- so my next point is that I am currently working on some new designs for some new clients and I cannot wait to share! It's almost like waiting for Santa to come. I know I have to wait but I am so excited that there are moments where I want to burst! And there are moments where I just want to stare at my screen in adoration with what I've created and somehow imbed the design onto my eyes forever. Okay, okay, okay...that sounded pretty intense but I do love some of this stuff I've been working on and I hope that when I can finally share it with you,  you will love it, too!

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