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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Pillows

Well, not really "Deathly"- actually, I think that these are quite sweet. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and so I love these, naturally. I just really wish that I had a place I could put them! But how can I not mention them on here? I wish I had the skills to sew. I see stuff that would be so much fun to create...I am really good at coming up with ideas and I think that putting together concepts, patterns, etc. might not be so bad. It's the execution where I have to use a sewing machine, needles and thread where I fail. And trust me, it isn't without shame to my mom and grandma because I know that they tried...but let me draw it for you. That, I can do! ;)

Anyhow- these sweet Harry Potter themed pillows, featuring Harry, Ron and Hermione, were created by Pantoufle de Verry by Kim Gadbois. She has some other amazing pillows as well as original artwork on her Etsy shop as well. Thanks for bringing joy to this Harry Potter lovin' heart today. If I had one of those pillows, I'd squeeze it right now!

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