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Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Just FUN...

I haven't posted anything on my blog for awhile. I've just been so super crazy busy that I honestly haven't had a free moment to really get it done. And while I would love to write a novel about all the stuff I've been doing, things I have been working on,  I really just want to keep this light and fun and try to get back into the groove of posting stuff...and I really want to try and incorporate work that inspires me, stuff that I love, information that I think is worth sharing, and so forth. With that said...I want to share some work by one of my favorite illustrators: Nate Williams (Note: the above image on the right side actually feels like my life right now if that helps you to visualize the craziness!!! I need to make it more like the image on the left side!!!)

I think that one of my most favorite things about Nate Williams' work is that its loose, free, and just plain ol' fun! I love looking at his work. I love how crazy it is, wacky and wild. I look at some of my little doodles and sketches and I can see how some of his work has reflected on me. I say that as a compliment to Nate, of course! Well, I hope it is a compliment....

Anyhow- it's Friday and it's mid-afternoon. I needed a break and this was perfect. I was actually looking at Nate's site and I found this image of the boy with the chalkboard relating to bullying. This gripped me because my own kids have had to deal with some bullying this year. Not on the physical or aggressive level but more on the emotional, psychological level. And no matter how it comes, bullying just, well, sucks. But I love this illustration by Nate Williams because it sort of turns things around and pokes fun at the mean bullies. (and I have to laugh and wonder but is it just me or do most illustrations of bullies always seem to portray these portly, freckle-faced, pig-nosed, snaggle-tooth boys with striped shirts? Just a funny observation...)

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