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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Political Design

I was compelled to write in my blog this morning after receiving an email from HOW Design Blog featuring a series of posters designed by Campbell Mithun for upcoming Republican National Convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul. They were designed for The UnConvention which is being sponsored by The Walker Art Center. I have to honestly say that when I saw these posters, I just didn't get it....I know that they are trying to make light of the reputation of the Replublican party, but I don't think it's the best work that I have ever seen. Plus, for me, the message is a turn-off. The designs lack creative imagination, in my opinion. I think that after seeing the poster designs for the Democratic National Convention, I am just disappointed.

I saw the poster designs for the Democratic National Convention a few weeks ago. They were designed by Idaho Stew. I have to say that from the moment I saw them, I loved them. I just love the illustrative design...I am captivated by the creative innovation in each one. I love how they all tie in with the Democratic National Convention, and the location of DNC (Denver, CO). I am not Democratic but I am very impressed with these posters. I would even say that they are persuasive. Those who know me, they know that I am not big into politics. I just don't get involved in a lot of discussion regarding politics. This year, I have to admit that I have been unimpressed with the candidates on all sides from the beginning. I can't say that any of them have won me over and that is a sad thing. However, if it were based on design savvy alone, I'd have to say that the Democrats definitely have the lead there. And the amazing thing is that design is viral...whether we like it or not, design does influence.

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Jamie said...

Zazzle has been huge lately for political designs. The designs featured here are great. Here's some work I have done with all the politics...