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Friday, August 1, 2008

Time to go to an exhibit!

I just received an email from Ink Lounge Gallery yesterday that inspired me to throw up here on my blog. I get periodic emails from Ink Lounge Gallery but decided that in my pursuit to find more topics relating to design/illustration and such, this topic would be great to mention. Donovan Beery of eleven19 (as well as The Reflex Blue Show and formerly of Be A Design Group) actually introduced me to Ink Lounge Gallery's website as I had mentioned to him that I was wanting to learn how to do screen printing. Ink Lounge Gallery actually offers periodic workshops in screen printing and so I signed up to get their newsletter as I wasn't able to take a workshop at the time. Granted, I still have not been able to make it to Denver to take a workshop but I am really hoping that I can before the year is up! (I have 5 months left, so surely I can fit something in, right?!)

Anyhow- what I was wanting to share was that they currently have Jay Vollmer's work on exhibit from Friday, August 1 through September 21st. Yes- today is the opening of the show and it will be from 6-9pm at Ink Lounge Gallery which is located at (I believe) Block 07 Belmar, 445 S. Saulsbury St., Studio H in Lakewood, Colorado. You can also call (303) 321-7101 to make sure that I have the information correct. Their hours are from Tues-Friday 12-5, Sat & Sun 12-6.

I don't know if you have heard of and know Jay Vollmer's work. Before getting the email from Ink Lounge Gallery, I can't say that I have. But I still wanted to check it out and see what sort of work he did. I have recently been interested in screen print and letterpress work. There is something so very cool about more handmade type work that just grabs my attention. I found that Jay Vollmer's work has a lot of this quality I enjoy. There is a hard edge to most of his work that I do like. I love altered collage type work and so this definitely caters to that category in a lot of ways. I realize that a lot of my illustration work seems to be a bit on the "clean" side but when it comes down to it, I really like imperfection....a ragged, rugged, rough edge. LOL

The hard question is- will I be attending? To the open show- probably not. I just found out about it and know that there is no way I can break away to drive to Denver right now. I might have the opportunity to see the exhibit before it is over and I am going to try to make an effort to do so. But as busy as my schedule has been lately with not just work but extracurricular stuff going on, it's hard to plan trips like that. However, I hope that anyone reading this is able to make it, that they do go and see it!

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