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Monday, July 21, 2008

What a week!

Okay. So it's been over a week, I realize but there has been a lot going on! I had my graduation reception on Saturday, July 12th and it turned out pretty good. Mostly family and closest friends attended. My best friend from Rawlins, Wyoming came down with her husband and son and stayed with us. We had so much fun and I was so sad when she had to leave to go back home.

July 17th was my birthday. Thirty-Four years. Geesh. Another year bites the dust. I was watching E.T. with my kids the other night as it was a 25-year anniversary showing. I really felt old. I realized that I was my daughter's age when the movie came out. I was NINE. And I remember going to the theater when the movie came out. But the funny thing is that despite how old I have aged, that movie remains rather timeless. LOL

Let's see...what else have I been doing? Well, I am still working on the murals for the fire dept. I basically got the concepts of them mapped out and this week, I am probably going to be sketching them out on the walls. Maybe ready for paint by this weekend.

I also went to Taylor Swift/Rascal Flats concert with my nine year old daughter, a friend of hers and her friend's mom. I was told that Taylor Swift wasn't very good in concert, but I have to admit, going in with that expectation, I was rather surprised that she wasn't really that horribly bad. She actually was pretty good. My daughter was absolutely thrilled and just beamed the entire time that Taylor played and so, that is what really matters. On a side note- my daughter has aspirations to be writing music, learning guitar and such so that by the time she is 13 years old, we'll go to Nashville so she can make it big just like Taylor Swift. Ahhhhh....to be nine again.....oh but I guess I am still dreaming, too....so perhaps I am still nine as well? As for Rascal Flats....awesome, awesome, awesome! They actually happen to be one of my favorite bands and so getting to see them was definitely a PERK! I would love to go to another concert of theirs in the future...hopefully with better seats or maybe even standing room only. Those guys totally rock!

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