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Monday, April 11, 2011

Letterpress Fun @ Meadowlark Creative

Photo courtesy of Meadowlark Creative
I had the opportunity to attend a small letterpress workshop at Meadowlark Creative in Fort Collins, CO this past Saturday. I've been a longtime fan of letterpress and have been wanting to find someone near me that offered workshops or would at least allow me to visit and watch. I asked around and most of the places I contacted either didn't respond or I got emails suggesting I apply for an internship. Well, as much as I would love to do an internship, considering that I am a busy mom of four, work full-time and live 3 hours from the printshops that gave me the suggestions...it just isn't a feasible option for me. Luckily, when I found Meadowlark Creative and asked, they were much more receptive to the workshop idea. And when they scheduled workshops, they contacted me and let me know so I could jump in. And I did...and am I so glad of it!

Meadowlark Creative was receptive when I asked to use my own design work to create plates for the business card workshop I chose to attend. I revamped my design for my business card a bit and as much as I loved my previous letterpress cards, I really wanted to redo them for this workshop. My new cards were printed using a blind pass for the woodgrain and then a second pass in metallic purplish color. I really really love how they turned out. They're gorgeous!

And...I still want to get my very own letterpress shop and this workshop definitely enhanced that desire. In the meantime, I really do want to jump on any opportunity that comes my way (and that I can seek out) to do more hands-on letterpress work like this. I am so very grateful to Shelby at Meadowlark Creative for working with me on these cards. I am so thankful for this workshop that she put together and I really hope that I can work with her some more in the future. My head is already thinking up ideas for another letterpress project down the road...it would be fun! (photos courtesy of Meadowlark Creative)

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