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Monday, July 7, 2008

Recuperating & Reviving

Wow! That 3-Day weekend blew by way too fast! I hope that everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend!

Our neighborhood had a block party. One of my neighbors decorated their entire backyard with a tropical theme. They had tropical plants, waterfalls, tiki torches, leis, grass skirts. You name it! There was even an open bar serving beer and fun foo-foo fruity drinks like dacquiries, margaritas and pina coladas. (All my faves!) And to top it all off, we had a hog roast and a fire pit. Later that night, we all pooled our fireworks and blocked off part of the street in front of our house (with city's permission, of course) and had quite a display. It was good times, for sure!

Well, now that the holiday is over, it's back to work...I have a lot to get done this week! This week is not just about recuperating but also reviving! My graduation reception is this Saturday and so I have a lot of prep work to get done for that. I also need to get those sketches done for the murals for the fire dept. this week. Someway, somehow...I need to make it happen! Pass me some caffeine, please!

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