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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crocheted Jewelry!

This is gonna be a quick post but it's just something that I found that I absolutely love! I was just browsing Etsy, just for a break from the mundane and found this awesome crocheted necklace by

irregularexpressions and I am raving about it! There are a lot of other really cool and unique pieces that she has made with crochet. I really want this and what a perfect way to express to the world that you are a designer, right?!

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Angela Alvin said...

Crochet Designer Jewelry that is made with cotton crochet thread (my favorite) is hand washable, so it will last for years! You can use any colors of crochet thread for making your crochet jewelry to coordinate with your wardrobe. The fasteners on crochet necklaces can be barrel clasps or buttons. Some are even long enough to fit over the head, so they don’t need any fasteners! Many crochet jewelry pieces take just a few hours to make, so they’re instant gratification projects, which I love!!!