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Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Belated Christmas Card

I know this is really late posting but it's taken this long just to get pictures taken. Granted, I also realize that these are not the best pictures because they really don't do the card justice (it's hard to tell but the little green hearts are glittery), but it's at least something for now until I can get better ones taken....

Anyhow- this is the Christmas card that I designed for this year. My plan is to expand more on stationery design and have my own line out by the end of this year. There are a few places that I know of that are willing to sell my work and then, of course, there is Etsy.com which I plan to utilize this year...it's baby steps but it's working in the direction that I really want to go in. I know that I have the creative ability and talent to do more with my work than my day job allows. I can't let that go to waste. It would be a crime worthy of punishment, in my opinion. So while I'll be plugging along doing production design during the day, I really want to push myself more creatively by night. hehe

I hope everyone had a great New Year's...I cannot believe it's already 2009!

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