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Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Stinkerbell Entertainment Presents:"

My daughter turns 10 today. To her, it's a big, monumental birthday. Granted, it's not 13 nor the 'Sweet 16' but to her, it's still a big deal. (And what kid doesn't think that their birthday isn't monumental every year, right? LOL)
She's this HUGE Taylor Swift fan and really wanted a "Taylor Swift Party" theme for her slumber party this coming Saturday. Well, considering that we live in a rather small town and the chance of me getting to the city before her party was pretty slim (and finding any sort of Taylor Swift party supplies might be hard because I don't even know if there are any that exist), I decided just to use my creative design skills to make some myself! I was actually sprung onto the idea of creating "backstage passes" when my daughter and I were looking at events for Cheyenne Frontier Days in July. Happens to be- Taylor Swift is going to be playing again this year (opening for Kenny Chesney, I believe.) My daughter was begging and pleading for me to buy tickets and also asked me if I could buy backstage passes because she would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet Taylor Swift. I did have to give her the unfortunate news that buying tickets would have to wait and that you can't just "buy" backstage passes....(But I did tell her that if she helped save up money towards tickets and did more chores and such, I'd consider getting them....) And then that led to the idea of making backstage passes for invitations to her slumber party.

They're printed on a pearl metallic paper that I had at home and laminated in those self-stick laminating sheets for pictures that you can buy in the office supply section or office supply store. The sheets come in packs of 5 for around $3.00. I also had rivets at home so I was able to punch out holes and secure eyelets to run black ribbon through. I think that they turned out really cool and my daughter and her friends absolutely LOVE them! And I know that my daughter will look back at this birthday and remember those invites and that really means a lot to me. :) "Sleeping Bags and Singing Voices Required at door....." There's karaoke at this party which means I'll need to go find some ear plugs next! LOL

They're just fun, I had to share! Happy Birthday, Miss Stinkerbell!

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