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Friday, January 21, 2011

Follow the Golden Rule!

So I am really wanting to try and make an effort and post more on a regular basis...even if no one reads this, it helps me to think about things that inspire me and it's a shame I haven't been consistent in my posts in the past. I might have a treasury of goodness by now!

Anyhow- I ran across some awesome work done by Studio on Fire. I've seen their work before quite a few times and actually, I think I have mentioned them in a post before. But no mattah....I want to talk about them again. They inspire me.

I found this awesome print done in letterpress, a collaboration between a young blooming illustrator, Koen and his dad. I just love it. I love every aspect of it. It's a simple concept and illustrated quite well- a 6 year old totally understands the message! Definitely a print I'd love to have and hang up and hope to spread that same great message. The colors are bright and cheery. I also love the fact that this was a collaboration between a father and his young son...I love that the dad brought his son in on a project like this and was able to share his trade with him. I have worked with my kids on some projects in the past. My 14 year old son actually helped create the concept for my husband's logo for his construction business. And I know that when the subject comes up, my son is very proud of his contribution. Including kids in projects means so much to them and so I love seeing projects that are created with collaboration of children.

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