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Friday, January 7, 2011

Have Yourself a Happy, Letterpressed Year

How is this new year treating you so far? It's only a week in but I really feel that this year is going to be far better than 2010! So, what better to start the year off but with a new calendar? Out with 2010 and in with 2011!

I decided that I would share a letterpress calendar project that I was given a great opportunity to work on with 12 other designers from around the USA and also from Canada. We were each assigned a month to create an illustration for. The results turned out beautiful! My month was July- I created an illustration based of an image of my grandmother in her younger days. Most people think of fireworks, the Fourth of July...I wanted to try and bring some familiar associations but present it in a different way. I felt that it would be fun to focus on the image of a beautiful woman and give her firecracker status. Overall, this project was a lot of fun to work on and I really love each and every designer's illustrations. I am so very glad that I got to be a part of this project and hope that I can be included in future projects like this down the road!

OH- There are still a few calendars left that you can buy and they are on sale now for $20 from JHPapers, which is a $5 savings! Get one now before they run out as they will never be reprinted again! You won't regret it!




Photos courtesy of Jane Hancock Papers

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