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Monday, March 2, 2009

Back on the ball!

I planned to give this awesome follow up to my previous post which was over a month ago, but I have to admit, I really wondered how I would do it. It's way overdue and I do apologize! One really awesome thing that happened following my previous post was that I was contacted regarding tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert this summer- Let's just say that it was an awesome surprise and my daughter is completely elated! It definitely helped make her 10th birthday one of the very best and most definitely a memorable one! (And for the ones who made it possible, and you know who you are, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you from the very bottom of my heart!!!)

So lately, I've been working on some illustrations for my own stationery and I am very happy to say that I have 5 designs done so far to test the waters. I am really hoping that people will like them and encourage me to do more. I will post more about them later when I can get some good pics taken of them. At the moment, I am planning on starting out small and seeing how they will do in a few small local businesses and also on Etsy.com. I am also planning on selling my work at the Marketplace being held during the HOW Design Conference in Austin this June. I am going to be sharing a table with a designer friend of mine, Kelly Parke, as we also have a special somethin'-somethin' we're going to be selling together. (It's a surprise! hehe) I am so excited that I will be able to go again. This will be the 3rd HOW Conference that I will be going to. Even though I self-pay 100% of my way to the conference, I think that it's worth it. There is so much to be gained by going. The sessions are usually really inspiring and full of good information. There are so many opportunities to do some networking. And not counting the other fun stuff to do on the side! I can't wait!!!

I have to work on some more birthday party invites for my youngest son this evening....he's wanting an Indiana Jones kind of party. So I am trying to brainstorm some ideas on what I could do....should be interesting! LOL

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