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Friday, March 13, 2009

New things...

Well, first of all, I am happy to say that I am officially a seller on Etsy.com! (Check it out- darcylea design Etsy Shop!)I don't have much on there right now but at least I have a few things up. And, I do plan on getting more to put on there. I am just so happy that I have finally launched this and am doing more of what I love. It's an awesome thing!

I thought I would mention on here a few things that I plan to change on my blog. I really want to put more work into it, organizing everything and making the functionality more appealing. I am even considering dumping my current portfolio site and integrating it more into this blog. And then I'd like to create a blog or site, possibly, dedicated to my stationery design...that is, once I have more to show and sell, etc. The ideas are definitely there and I do need to work out a plan in order to make it happen. I'll get there!

OH- here are some things that I am planning on working on in the near future, so do make sure you check back here for more information as well as on my etsy shop:
Greeting Cards
Stationery Sets
Timeless Calendar
Recipe Cards
Reminder Cards
Parent/Teacher Forms
Calling Cards

When I dream, I obviously dream big! But that's a good thing!

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